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Thank you for your visiting Our Web-site.

Our DONGINDANG Pharmaceutical Company was established in 1970 with idea to make clean environment and healthy society without disease.
After we were well known for a first manufacturer of disinfectant in Korea, we become a mid-sized pharmaceutical company which produces various specialized treatment drugs.

We conducted a lot of research and experiments for improved the skill in X-ray contrast media and therapeutic areas, and finally we achieved accumulated technique and know-how in this field. We supply high quality products in the domestic and overseas markets and have good reputations in this industry all over the world. Now, we become a company that challenge to drug development in specialized field.

To help the painful patients and to offer stable treatment to them, the new medical care systems are required in development, production, supply, and in medical check part. It becomes a new innovation paradigm in pharmaceutical industry. For this paradigm, we moved headquarter from Seoul to Sihwa Industrial plant located in Shiheung-si Kyunggi-do.

So we can reduced the time when we make a decision about production, development, and supply, and it made us to achieve some accomplishments like efficient production system and drug supply system within 24hours. DONGINDANG Pharmaceutical Company, which thinks life is the best in the world, is ready to help you.

We know your interest and encouragement, so we will make a good medicine for keeping your health rather than creating well known medicine.

Thank you.